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As I said on the previous page, Yoga moves us to a better place. I didn't come up with this seemingly simple phrase, TKV Desikachar did, a wonderful human being and enlightened yoga teacher. His father, shri Krishnamachayrya taught him and many other teachers, some of whom like BKS Iyengar are household names in the west.

Yoga isn't about how bendy we are or can become, although the postures and their regular practice makes us healthy and supple, yoga is journey which can take us to experience different ground, to be on the earth knowing who we are and why we are here.

A short focused practice usually serves us better than a long one where our minds have more opportunity to drift.

This is natural, our minds likes to be busy or drift and we need to notice this happening and take our attention back to our point of focus.

We have to begin this practice somewhere, and that means in the present moment - there isn't anywhere else. This in itself is a great help because it means when we begin our practice we become more present in one place and one time, and why asanas in themselves can be very useful, joining our minds with our bodies in a unique moment of time and space. There is a place where there's no separation.

So at some point our minds drift and thoughts come up while we're engaged in a posture, just as they do when meditating, and the nature of our minds is such that these thoughts present in a myriad of ways. This is when our practice itself may be just to notice what's happening and return to the breath. The breath takes us on another journey, how we breathe and join the breath with the movement affects the movement itself, the cells in our bodies, our energy body and our consciousness.


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