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Welcome to the website of Steve Jamison, author and yoga teacher

Yoga moves us to a better place, and as long as we can breathe we can journey there. I began this journey a long time ago, and hope some of my experiences can be helpful for others. I teach yoga in Devon, am a senior yoga teacher and trainer for Yoga Alliance and fully accredited British Wheel of yoga teacher. I offer 1:1 yoga, therapy, classes and workshops in Devon and the South West. There are yoga retreats at my centre in the mountains of Portugal. I've recently written a book : A Dog called Buddha.

Please feel free to get in touch about yoga classes and workshops in Devon, yoga therapy, 1:1 yoga and retreats. The next event will be fire pit yoga in Devon as soon as lockdown is lifted, and dates will be on this site.

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A Dog called Buddha is now available

A Dog called Buddha is the story of how I evacuated my home in an old Land Rover with four dogs, to try and find a safe place as wildfires raged across Portugal and in the foothills of the mountains where I lived. The yogic texts really came to life in this journey, and with yoga practice were a great help.

A Dog called Buddha is published by Blue Poppy in hardcover.

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Why Yoga Beetle?

Firstly, nature. We are nature, we're not separate and humanity's focus on industry and technology has created a schism which is false. We needed to look outwards to find solutions to the difficulties we face, but somewhere along the way got lost, and now we are facing challenges which will require a different way of being on the Earth.

We can do this; humans have the capacity to re-align ourselves with nature, and this re-alignment begins with each of us individually. Yoga helps us with this, it's a gift and there for all of us.

Secondly, beetles persevere - they don't give up. They are open to finding another way if their original route is clearly blocked and will apply their intelligence to the present situation. We need to do this in yoga and in our lives: to find our own deep intelligence, more akin to intuitive understanding.

Thirdly beetles and other creatures illuminate our own place on earth and how we should tread lightly upon it.

Finally, I have a soft spot for George Harrison, his love of Paramahansa Yogananda and the way he gave out copies of Autobiography of a Yogi, Paramahansa's extraordinary book.

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Aspects of Yoga

Yoga isn't about how bendy we are, or can become, although the postures and their regular practice makes us healthy and supple. Yoga is a journey which can move us onto different ground, to be on the Earth knowing who we are and why we are here.

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About Me

I began yoga in the 1970s when I was a student at Exeter University...

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The Cha Yoga Centre

Here at Cha stillness in nature helps create a space inside, where we can re-tune ourselves and begin to let go. The Cha Yoga Centre is located in the foothills of the Serra da Lousã, near the river Ceira in the Coimbra region of Portugal.

Self-catering stays are available for periods of up to two weeks for individuals, couples or groups to a maximum of six people. We are all different and start from a different place, so each person is able to be taught individually, as well as in a group.

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Cha Yoga Centre is being reconfigured at the moment and a new house with a yoga terrace, Chestnut House, is in the process of being built. It will be ready soon to join with the existing house, Cinnamon House.

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Yoga is a path which is accessible to each of us; we can feel better, and can move consciously in the right direction.

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